For some it happens in the winter, for others it is spring, but whenever you are having a problem keeping your windows clear of fog, the danger for you, your passengers and the other cars sharing the road with you greatly increases.

Traffic school
graduates understand the importance of having equipment which works right. That means windshield wipers which actually clear your window of debris; rain, snow, sleet or whatever; plenty of windshield wiper fluid; working headlights; proper tire inflation and all the other things which are required to keep your vehicle in good working order. If you don’t have the right equipment working the way it is supposed to work, you can’t be a safe, defensive driver. The equipment is the only thing involved in having a safe trip, but it goes a long way toward providing one.

One of the most difficult problems for drivers to contend with is a foggy windshield. When the temperature outside gets cold and the inside of your vehicle grows suddenly warm, your windows will fog up. This can happen during the winter months and also during the early spring and late fall. The best way to keep this from happening to make certain you clean your windows thoroughly inside and out. No need to buy anything fancy or expensive to get the job done. Any household window cleaner will work just fine, but make certain you do both sides of the glass and not just the windshield. Rear window and side windows are less important for driver safety.

You also need to avoid moisture in your vehicle. Sweat, excessive body heat, or any liquids spilled in your vehicle will add to the moisture and make your windows more likely to fog up. Avoid washing the interior of your vehicle, or make certain you dry it thoroughly if you do, when you know fog is likely to be an issue.

And finally, don’t just set your defogger and forget it. It is very likely you will need to adjust it to deprive your vehicle of moisture when the windows are foggy. That might even mean turning up the A/C in the dead of winter, or the heater on a warm spring day. The fact is, whatever works to clear your window is the right setting for you.