Despite having just passed a new ban on texting and driving, some Florida legislators say they are adamantly opposed to any further driving restrictions for fear of over-burdening drivers.

Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, said he was against anything which would further restrict personal freedoms:

“We have to be careful,” he said. “In the good intention name of trying to keep people from getting hurt, it is easy to overly constrain individual freedoms that have differentiated our country.”

This is odd, especially when you consider that texting and driving, or any type of distracted driving has been repeatedly proven to be a leading cause of traffic crashes, especially those involving fatalities.

Anyone who has successfully completed an online defensive driving course, or attended and completed traffic school either to keep points from accumulating on their license or to keep their insurance premiums low (or both), knows the dangers of distracted driving.

You simply cannot expect to be able to pay attention to two things at once, especially when one of those things is controlling the 4,000 pound missile you are controlling at speeds of 55 miles-per-hour or more. One mis-guess; one glance away from the road ahead of you to the small digital screen that holds the wonderful message of “C U L8tr!” is all it takes for you to slam head-on into the rear of the vehicle that suddenly slowed down in front of you.

In Florida they suffer from an abundance of beautiful clear days, full of sunshine. It can be deceptively calm, leading some drivers to relax and stop worrying about where they are going or how they are going to get there.

Defensive driving, however, means never taking your eyes off the road until you get where you are going. Safely.