Florida legislators have yet to agree on a comprehensive statewide ban on the use of hand held devices by drivers, but they have focused on other driving safety related issues including aggressive driving and general highway safety.

Due to its reputation as a tourist hot spot, Florida sees millions of visitors every year who arrive by car, or fly in and rent a car to get around. This mix of native and visiting drivers causes heavy traffic congestion in some areas and an often deadly set of circumstances as drivers try to navigate through areas which are unfamiliar to them.

This mix of strange drivers (people who don’t know their way around) and regular commuters adds to the overall traffic congestion and creates a dangerous situation for anyone trying to use the Florida highways and roads to get around.

Some municipalities, especially those which allow driving on the beach are seriously considering banning the use of hand held devices by drivers on the beach. Volusia County, in Daytona Beach, specifically, texting and driving. County council members also want to require drivers to keep their windows rolled down and their headlights on if they drive on the beach. Volusia County beaches are among the most popular beaches in the world and millions of visitors from around the country flock there every year. This mix of driving on the beach, and out-of-state visitors has led to several traffic related fatalities when pedestrians, especially children, were struck by passing vehicles.