Memorial Day might be the time you pack up the family and drive down to the beach for the weekend. But if you live near the beach, like the folks in South Florida you are no less likely to do the same thing. In fact, you might be more likely since the beach is so close. This might explain why more than 1.8 million people in South Florida alone are expected to drive 50 miles or more for their Memorial Day weekend festivities.

In fact, that number is up almost 2 percent from the number of South Florida drivers who hit the road last Memorial Day weekend. It might have something to do with the slightly improved economy, or perhaps it has more to do with the fact that gas prices there have dropped nearly 50 cents in the past week or so, but whatever the reason South Florida drivers will be out in force this coming weekend.

And so will police.

There is a nationwide Click It or Ticket campaign planned for the holiday weekend with police in many states, including Florida, starting their increased seat belt enforcement earlier than Friday. That means all those South Florida drivers who hit the road to enjoy some fun in their own sun better be buckled up when they do it. Police around the country see more than their fair share of deadly automobile accidents which could have been averted if one or more of the vehicle occupants had decided to wear their seat belt instead of sit on it.

Don’t let your Memorial Day weekend be spoiled by tragedy or even a seat belt violation. Be smart and buckle up. You might just save a life-like your own.