With kids getting ready to go back to school all across the country at least one state, Florida, is taking steps to prepare drivers for more children on the roads.

School ones require drivers to slow down and use caution when passing through the area because children are often present. Anyone who has ever seen a child at play, or has a child of their own, know that their behavior is often erratic and unpredictable. It is very difficult to know where they will run next, what they will do in any given situation or how to know what they will do next.

This type of unpredictable environment makes driving in areas where children are present very dangerous. this is why traffic laws are different in this area and punishment of drivers, usually in the form of fines, are more severe.

This why the Florida Department of Transportation is on a mission to warn drivers that school is in and they should watch for children. The Florida DOT has launched a new public safety awareness campaign aimed directly at drivers in areas where children are present, or who drive through residential areas. These drivers are likely to encounter children walking to and from their bust stop, or even to and from school. That means they need to slow down and drive with caution.

Failure to drive with caution when children are present can not only result in a traffic citation it can also have tragic results.