When 11-year-old Jackson Bonar, of Naples, was the last kid left on the bus after a school day activity he probably never once thought he’d end up a hero. But when his bus driver suddenly suffered a medical emergency and lost control of the vehicle, Bonar stepped in to save the day. He pulled the driver from the seat and mashed his foot down on the brake pedal just as the bus was about to careen through a chain link fence, saving his own life and the life of the bus driver.

His mom, his community and police are calling Bonar a hero.

The bus driver, Robert Kelly, 65, was taken to a nearby hospital where he is listed in stable condition. The nature of his medical emergency has not been released, but apparently it was serious enough to warrant an extended stay in the hospital.

While children are not permitted to drive cars or obtain a driver’s license it is important that they understand how your vehicle operates and what to do in case of an emergency, just in case there is an emergency. You don’t need to teach your child how to drive the vehicle, but showing them how to use the brake pedal, emergency brake, open the trunk, turn on the headlights or turn off the ignition, might one day come in very handy.