Florida Highway Patrol is making it their business to remind drivers that the way driver, their mental attitude behind the wheel, matters. Aggressive driving simply will not be tolerated, and the FHP is sending that message with increased patrols, focused on aggressive drivers.

Aggressive driving simply does not make sense no matter how you look at it. First, you use more gas when you drive aggressively than when you drive defensively. With gas prices hovering at their highest levels in forever, calming down behind the wheel will save you a few bucks for sure.

Also, aggressive drivers are more likely to take risks like speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, inciting other drivers into personal confrontations. None of this is good for your heart, or your pocketbook if a cop spots you doing it. It is also more likely to lead to a vehicle crash, which in turn means more money out-of-pocket to pay your insurance.

Do yourself a favor if you’re driving in Florida, or any where: Calm down, take it easy and enjoy the ride. Your life might just depend on it.

State troopers are on the hunt this week for the all-too-common South Florida driver: one who speeds, tailgates and weaves dangerously in and out of lanes.

This week, the Florida Highway Patrol has stepped up ticketing of aggressive car and truck drivers on Florida highways. The enforcement campaign lasts through Friday.

The week-long enforcement aims to reduce the number of fatal crashes involving cars and commercial trucks, the Highway Patrol said. In 88 percent of those crashes, both the truck driver and car driver were at fault, the agency said.