In 2015, if you have not attended or taken online, a California Traffic School course in the last 18 months (violation date to violation date), you are eligible to enroll in our online course for your ONE POINT MOVING VIOLATION that might affect your insurance rates. These violations usually are:

  • Running a Red Light (officer issued or by camera)
  • Speeding
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Rolling/running a stop sign
  • Crossing over double double yellow lines
  • Tailgaiting, …(just to name a few)

If you take traffic school, the ONE POINT will be moved to your DMV H6, also known as your “Private Driving Record” which is NOT visible by insurance companies unless you apply for a job driving for that company. As long as you do not get another violation in the following 18 months from the day of that violation, the ONE POINT will stay hidden on your record.

Traffic School is ALWAYS the best choice, not only because of the valuable information you will learn with our informative and fun course, but to help prevent getting that next ticket which WILL jack your insurance rates, or get you into a crash.