Road warriors love their cars, and they love where their cars can get them. While some people are annoyed by the thought of long driving distances, others rise to the challenge because they know just how much the journey matters. Whether or not that journey is worth more than the destination is ultimately up to you. Test your endurance with these common destinations, and then throw a dart to see which challenge you should accept next.


This is the ultimate cross-country trip, as you go from one huge city to the next — different as they may be. Take this particular route, and you’re looking at a whopping 2,790 miles which will take you just under 2 days (around 40 hours) if you drive straight through. Bring a large helping of patience though if you’re going to deal with LA traffic.

The Earth to the Moon

A common destination for when gravity is just not feeling up to working that day. This trip will take you about a quarter of a million miles in about 6 months or so at 60 MPH. Time spent in galactic gas stations not included.

Miami to New Orleans

Two of the most extravagant cities in the world are connected by 866 miles and can be reached in a 12 hour drive. Feel free to stop for beignets once you reach your final destination for a quick pick me up.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

It would take you around 3,950 miles or so if you were looking to get the center of the earth. However, if you wanted to keep going to China, you’ll have to schedule a little extra drive time. Start digging a hole now for best results.

Houston to Vancouver

Sometimes Texans just have to get a little Northern air, and Canada has just the answer to their prayers. All it takes is a lot of fuel and 36 hours to cross about 2,500 miles. Brace yourself for a very different climate, and enjoy the contrast.

Beijing to Shanghai
When you’re hanging out in a city with people from all walks of life, sometimes it helps to see just how different those walks can be. Travel from Beijing to Shanghai in 12 and a half hours, covering about 750 miles.

Detroit to Cancun

Those winters are brutal in Michigan, and sometimes they call for the balmy air of Mexico. While the 53 hour drive across 3,077 miles will certainly be a lengthy one, imagine just how satisfying it will be to peel back those layers of clothing one at a time as the temperatures start to climb.

Denver to Cleveland

From mountains to hills, this drive will take you about 19 hours and will run up your odometer to 1,333 miles. Try skiing in both areas for a very sharp contrast in quality of slopes. It will certainly make you appreciate Vail and Aspen that much more.

The Grand Canyon to Salt Lake City

From one natural wonder to the next, you can make it between these two national treasures in just about 8 hours and 520 miles. Compared to some of our other top choices, this route looks downright speedy.

Tatooine to Alderaan
When you’re getting tired of the lawlessness in one galaxy, check out the chaos in another. While it’s not clear just how many miles it is from one destination to the other, it will likely only take you a few hours if you’re traveling at slightly more than the speed of light. Just turn your car up to Ludicrous Speed.