This has little to do with defensive driving, unless you happen to be in a war zone, but apparently a new company in Minnesota is allowing some drivers to get behind the controls of an actual tank.

A business named Drive-a-Tank offers drivers the chance to pilot surplus military tanks and other armored vehicles around an old limestone quarry and smash junk cars like an action movie hero.

The ride is loud, grinding, hot and dirty — ideal for satisfying one’s inner Rambo.

“It was awesome. I mean, controlling that machine, it’s incredible,” said Jacob Ostling, 19, of New Canaan, Conn., among the customers who took a turn under the turret on a recent Saturday and flattened a car in an explosion of glass.

Owner Tony Borglum, a construction and heavy equipment contractor, opened the tank park three years ago after seeing similar attractions during a visit to England. He said he knew it would fit nicely into American culture — a more visceral version of what millions of guys are doing in video games anyway.

It is hardly a stretch to imagine just what some motorists are thinking when they sit behind the controls of a 40 ton piece of steel with actual firepower (which is not functional, by the way) and starts thinking about their morning commute. They likely envision themselves crushing every car stopped in front of them, rushing on their to work; destroying police cars which attempt to block their way as they head to the video store or home from the bar.

Perhaps given the opportunity to control a tank some drivers will also think better about how they drive themselves around the city. After all, next time it will be someone else’s turn to drive the tank.