What started out as a joyride turned into tragedy for a group of Tuscon teenagers last weekend. Police say two male drivers, one with four passengers in his vehicle, decided to drag race. Police say the vehicles were exceeding 85mph in a 35mph zone, when both drivers lost control of their vehicles, rolled over and crashed into a nearby stand of trees.

Three passengers in one of the vehicles were injured and another died as a results of her injuries. That driver was arrested on charges of of Driving under the influence of alcohol, manslaughter, aggravated assault and endangerment.

Drag racing is not uncommon in Arizona or around the country. In fact any time teenagers and cars mix, the urge to speed and drive recklessly, seems to be overwhelming for some drivers. They speed with a vengeance and don’t hesitate to risk their life or the lives of anyone riding with them. Often drunks or alcohol are involved but not always. Sometimes it is nothing but the thrill of the moment that urges them to excess, often with tragic results.

Police, parents and traffic safety experts have been fighting an uphill battle when it comes to teenagers and reckless driving. Unfortunately, despite their efforts teenagers continue to demonstrate that when it comes to driving they still have a great deal to learn about safety.