Believe it or not, the most useful tool to have with you in the event of a winter snowstorm, might just be your smartphone.

A new smartphone app has been released specifically designed to help motorists who become stranded on the roadway during a winter snowstorm. Now, you don’t need an online traffic school to understand the importance of taking precautions when you drive (although it does help) especially if you plan on driving during winter months when the weather is likely to take a turn for the worst. the best advice is always to stay home if at all possible and avoid going out in your car. If you do have to drive you need to be certain you thoroughly check out your vehicle first, throw a shovel and some road salt in the trunk, and, if you have a smartphone, download the new app, Winter Survival Kit.

I realize we offer the nation’s best (in our opinion) comedy traffic school, but this is no joke. The Winter Survival Kit smatphone app might just come in handy this winter. Or even next winter. The new app can pinpoint your location exactly, notify police or emergency services; contact your friends and family and calculate how much longer your gasoline (if you have any left) will last. The GPS function of the phone will not work if you are in an area with spotty cell reception, but otherwise, it is fairly reliable.

The Winter Survival Kit app is hardly the only survival app for your smartphone. There are also, Help I Crashed My Car, Emergency Radio, iMapWeather Radio, iTriage, Close Call and pMonitor, all of which aim to help drivers in case of an emergency, or help them avoid an emergency by providing useful information and safety tips.

We definitely don’t condone distracted driving of any sort, which means we don’t want you trying to use your smartphone while you drive. But if you are going driving this winter it might just be a good idea to toss your smartphone in the glove box, fully charged, just in case you need it.

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