In case you missed this story, a California woman was driving down the highway when she felt something slither past her legs. Looking down, she saw it was ringed snake, and although her initial reaction was to jump out the window, she navigated through the traffic on the busy highway and pulled over to the side of the road safely where she exited the vehicle and quickly called police.

In case you were wondering, our traffic school online California does not actually cover what you should do in case a snake crawls between your legs while you are driving, but we do help you prepare for just about every other situation.

In fact, we are fairly certain there isn’t a driving course anywhere that covers what to do in case of ‘snake attack’ while driving, so the market is currently open for one. What do cover is how to avoid distractions of the more common variety: cells phones, kids in the backseat; and how to respond correctly to driver safety laws and regulations in your state.

There is no way to prepare yourself for every eventuality, but a little preparedness can go a long, long way when it comes to driver safety. Even when dealing with king snakes in the front seat.