driving record in texas

Whether you've been driving in the Lone Star State for a week, a year, or all of your adult life, there are certain things that you may want to know about your Texas driving record. Perhaps the most surprising might be that your record outside of Texas can be held against you within Texas.

In particular, if you were, say, driving in Maine and you did something that could lead to your license being suspended or revoked in Texas, even if it wouldn't lead to the same consequences in Maine, you might have your license suspended or revoked in Texas.

This may come to many as a surprise. If you've long assumed your license to be safe because, after all, you never got in trouble for it back home, you may be mistaken in thinking that you won't suffer the consequences in Texas.

All of the normal statutes of limitation do apply, but it should not be assumed that a violation which qualifies you for suspension or revocation "doesn't count" simply because it happened while you were on vacation out of state. If you have any potential violations in your recent past, such as failing to stop and render aid (a law that exists in every state, but differs in the finer details from area to area), then it may be worth looking into ways that you can rectify your record in the eyes of Texas so as to ensure that you don't lose your license when you least expect it.

Traffic laws in Texas are complex and, at times, quite confusing. Fortunately, as a general rule of thumb, in Texas defensive driving will keep you out of trouble more often than not. While it would take a legal expert hours to go over every major traffic law in Texas, the truth is that most of them do come down to common sense. If you take a defensive driving class in Texas, you're less likely to be ticketed or to have a black mark on your record than you would be otherwise.

driving record in texas