When you hear people talk about defensive driving, do you think of a sports strategy to vie for position? Most people do – at least, that’s the way they act. They think they are gaining advantage by cutting in front of other cars or speeding up in the passing lane to get past a group. So, if you were already doing that, you’re on the right track, right? Wrong!

You’re probably wondering what the big deal about defensive driving is now that you know being first isn’t important. So, I’ll tell you but you have to promise not to get touchy about it!

Defensive driving is pretty simple. It is the process of driving that allows you to defend yourself against potential hazards on the road. Those hazards could be any number of things, such as debris, animals running into the road, kids playing, and even other motorists. Here are some ways to protect yourself or drive defensively in Texas (pay attention – there’s a quiz later…):

Keep your eyes on the road

Stay alert. By watching everything that’s going on around you and keeping a keen eye on traffic patterns, you will be able to avoid most situations that can occur on the road. If something does happen, like a child running into the street after a ball, you have to respond quickly. The only way you can do that is if your paying attention.

Know your escape route

Try not to let yourself get boxed in by other cars. If you can, keep a space on the side of you so that you can move into another lane if someone stops short in front of you or weaves into your lane.

Anticipate, but don’t assume

People don’t always do what’s expected. In fact, sometimes people do strange things behind the wheel of a car. They could be listening to some old school rap and bust a move that causes them to jerk the steering wheel and all of a sudden they’re in your lane. You couldn’t have guessed that would happen but that’s when your planning comes in. Try to anticipate the other driver’s moves, but don’t assume you know for sure. This allows you to plan a response like reducing speed, moving into another lane, etc.

Remember what NOT to do

Here are some things that can wait to be done until you stop your car:
  • Texting
  • Rooting around for something on the floor of the car
  • Turning around to speak to your children
  • Talking on your cell phone without an earpiece
  • Turning around to speak to your children
  • Averting your eyes from the road to change the radio station
  • Putting on make-up (people actually do this!)
  • Reading (this is for real)

If you see people doing any of things behind the wheel, move.

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Nothing but the road is important when you are driving. That’s what will keep you and the other people on the road safe! Happy trails!

Oh right, the quiz. Is when you’re driving the right time to hold a concert for your millions of invisible fans? Ok, yes… but not if it involves closing your eyes! Have fun and fix your driving record at the same time. And most importantly, stay safe!

What is Defensive Driving