speeding ticket

Anytime you receive a speeding ticket in Texas, you essentially have three different options:

  • Pay the speeding ticket, which results in a conviction because it is an admission of guilt
  • Attempt to defend yourself against the charge and plead not guilty
  • Have your speeding ticket dismissed entirely by attending and completing a Texas-approved traffic school course

If you choose to take a defensive driving course, it's important to understand you can only do so one time per year and the course must be approved by the State of Texas. At the same time, there are other requirements for traffic school eligibility you must meet. For instance, if you were traveling more than 25 MPH over the speed limit or if you were going faster than 95 MPH, you are not eligible to attend traffic school and are simply stuck with the ticket. In addition, if you have a commercial driver's license, Texas will not allow you to have the ticket dismissed by attending traffic school.

Get Your Ticket Dismissed

If you meet the requirements to have your ticket dismissed by taking an approved defensive driving course, IMPROV's innovative Defensive Driving Texas course can help.

Instead of sitting through a long boring defensive driving course in a classroom, we make it simple and fun through our nationally recognized, Texas-approved course that will have your speeding ticket dismissed. Best of all, you never have to leave your house and can complete our online course in your pajamas at your house. Instead of clearing your schedule to take the course, you can schedule the course when you want at your convenience. At the same time, you will save gas money from not having to physically drive to a classroom.

After you finish the course, our customer satisfaction experts will mail your certificate of completion to your home on the same day. If you need your certificate sooner, IMPROV offers an extremely efficient overnight mail option. With so much to gain and lose, there is no reason to wait! Get your ticket dismissed and avoid those costly points on your driving record by completing IMPROV's Defensive Driving Texas course online! Click here to learn more about IMPROVs nationally recognized course today.

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