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For those looking to reduce their insurance rates in New York, a defensive driving course is one of your best options.

Insurance companies know that drivers who have attended a defensive driving course NY are more likely to drive safely and adhere to traffic regulations. This helps insurance companies feel safer in that they’re dealing with a driver who is less likely to get into an accident or drive recklessly, which is a win for both you and the company.

Fixing Your Record

If you’ve had problems on the road with accidents or receiving traffic violations, you have probably seen your insurance costs go up. A defensive driving course lets insurance companies know that you’re taking steps to improve your driving. That’s why these companies reward those who are taking a course, just as New York State does. The NYS DMV reduces up to 4 points on your driving record for completing a defensive driving course for traffic violations earned in the last 18 months from completion of your course.

Not only that, but the NYS DMV requires that all insurance, including liability, collision premiums and no-fault insurance must have a 10 percent discount for three years after the completion of your defensive driving course NY. Some insurance companies offer up to 20 percent off for successful completion of a defensive driving course, but speak with yours to get specific details.

Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are a special concern for insurance companies, making them good candidates for a defensive driving course. A course can teach them techniques to stay cool under pressure, know the rules of the road, and help provide them with much needed experience.

That’s why insurance companies look at teens that take a defensive driving course NY as more responsible than others in their age group. This won’t only save your teen money, but it will also likely be saving you money too if you’re helping pay their bills.

Completing Your Course

Insurance companies require a certificate that you completed your defensive driving course in order for you to be eligible for an insurance reduction. Providing your certificate to the NYS DMV means they enter the information directly into your driving record, which helps prove you are knowledgeable about staying safe on the road.

Ultimately, defensive driving isn’t just about reducing your insurance rates, but also making you a better driver in the long run. You’ll be saving money and reducing your chances of getting into an accident, which will not only save you money, but also help keep you and your family much safer.

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