Maine Defensive Driving Course
It is my first time I really enjoyed it, it taught me things I wasn’t aware of ill refer friends that are interested. - Adriana L.
This course was very entertaining at the same time as informative! I will definitely recommend Improv Traffic School. Your variety made me want to keep at it each session. Thank You! - Jillian G.
Even though I have been driving , and safely, for many years, I still think everyone needs to be reminded of certain rules now and then. there are many people in my neighborhood who either do not know the rules, or do not care to observe them. I wish I could bring these rules to their attention now. the home version is so great, as you can do it at your leisure, and I found myself going back to things that I found interesting, and often read them aloud to my other family members. many of the statistics are astounding, and scary. thank you for this opportunity. - Edna H.
Your course made me more aware of my driving habits. Its easy and very informative. I will highly recommend you to all my friends who need traffic school. - Katherine S.
Good course. Would use it again for sure, but now that I’m a defensive driver I won't need to. - Danielle V.
I love that you guys try your best to at the very least make this course tolerable for most people. I really appreciate what you have done and I'm sure many other Improv Online Traffic School users feel the same way. Thanks for the laughs and the learning! - Jeremy K.
Very good mix between entertaining and educational. - Scott R.
Thank you for offering this entertaining and convenient alternative for defensive driving education. I thoroughly enjoyed it. - Peter F.
It really covered the main points we should remember when driving. Nice job of making it efficient and beneficial. - Thomas S.
Good course. It kept my interest was more convenient than going to a classroom. - David C.
At first I was leery of my choice for driving schools. After completing the course, I'm very happy. It was creative, fun, worth the time and money! - Glenda G.
I really enjoyed the course. By being a new driver this course enlightened me on many procedures that I was unaware of prior. - Kristina S.
My first time doing traffic school and was worried about the whole process, but you guys made it fun AND informative. - Helena T.
I think the online course was a much nicer way of taking the class and learning new things. - Millicent P.
The course was entertaining and informative. I really like the fact that I could do it during a convenient time line for me. Thank you, it was a great experience. - Patricia R.
Thank you for allowing one to have the opportunity to complete this course not only online but at ones convenience as far as time. The cartoons were great! I had a few good laughs in between learning! - Brenda D.
Great course! It not only gives you the detailed information that you need, but it also presents it in a very enjoyable form. - Frances L.
This course was excellent. Very interesting and kept my attention. I would be very likely to take it again in this format and tell all my friends. - Charles C.
I really enjoyed this, and although I am a good driver and try hard to follow all regulations, this made me want to be a better driver. - Lisa R.
The jokes and comics kept my attention and the course was written so that anyone should be able to read it and easily understand the subject material. - Annette T.
Easy, fun, and learned some interesting things that will make me a safer driver. - Brian R.
I find this So much easier than sitting in a classroom all day. I loved being able to go at my own pace and laughing at the same time. Il highly recommend this school. - Rochelle E.
I really liked being able to take this course at my leisure, since I have a very hectic work and school schedule. - Laura F.
Excellent course, I especially like that I can take the course in the comfort of my home. - Peggy S.
Maine Defensive Driving Course