Illinois Defensive Driving Course
I loved this course very informative and useful! - Kingshuk M.
The comical parts made it fun. Yes- I said fun. I have told several people about this course and they will be taking it also. Being able to do this on the computer has made it super easy because it's at my convenience. - Sueann R.
The Improv Online Traffic School was informative in an entertaining way. It was a fun and well thought out presentation. I really liked the convenience of taking this class online. It enabled me to do take the course, which I had needed to renew, without taking a day off of work. - Eileen H.
I wish I had done this sooner. It was very informative and even remembered a lot of facts that I passed on to my daughters. I really enjoyed this wonderful online defensive driving class. - Kathryn M.
I enjoyed the course - it was interesting and entertaining. - Carla P.
I would highly recommend this class compared with others I have taken. Thanks for the improved experience. - Keaton H.
This course for nice and relaxing to take having the comedy breaks really helped keep me focused and motivated to breeze through more chapters. Thank You for turning a chore into a pleasure. - Melinda G.
Awesome online driving school. Kept me interested and laughing. - Araceli R.
I enjoyed the experience, particularly liked the appeal of being able to structure the class around my schedule. it was entertaining. - Stacy B.
Very entertaining! Way better than sitting in a classroom. - Patrick R.
Great course, very easy to understand and very informative. - Nizamudeen M.
This course was very informational and engaging. - Miguel T.
It was a very interesting and very easy to use online course. I would recommend it to others interested in a defensive driving course. - Robyn B.
I really liked the course and I will definitely recommend it to friends. - Jose A.
There were some facts and points that I now consider. One is the damage one can sustain from s slow speed crash. Another is how pointless it is to speed when it really doesn't make a difference in the long run. - Ivan E.
Fantastic course, good comedy breaks in the middle really helped out a lot! hopefully I’ll never have to do traffic school again, but if I do, I'm coming back to this site for sure! - Ian A.
Your course is very instructive and interesting. At first I thought I'd breeze over some information but I ended up reading the chapters because I was learning things that I know will help me be a better and more safer driver. - Steven O.
I love it, I should have taken this course this course many years ago. I have seen many aggressive driver break the law. I think its important that all drivers should take this course. - Robert L.
I enjoyed and learned a lot during this course. - Donna T.
This defensive driving course has already made me a better driver. Thank you! - Michael H.
Wonderful experience and now I will be a more aware and better driver. - Tyler B.
Surprisingly the test was actually somewhat entertaining. I expected long passages of boring texts, but an assortment of comical lines makes reading much less of a chore. - Alexander J.
Great course! The website was easy to use, the material was well presented, and enjoyable to read through/watch! - Alaina S.
The course was interesting and helped improve my knowledge of the road. - Alicia G.
Illinois Defensive Driving Course