People have always tried do work on the road. From portable typewriters and hotel telephones we've moved into a new digital era. Office tools have become increasing powerful and portable. Here is a look at some popular tools that business people are using to keep them productive on the road.


Probably the single most popular road warrior office tool, smartphones keep the busiest of us connected. They can serve as a GPS, date book, phone, alarm clock, and internet connection. They can allow us to check our email, stay up to date on social media, and keep us informed on what is going on in the business world.

Business Apps

The incredible amount of business apps available help make our smartphones so valuable. Here are just a few:

  • FormMobi: This app is a digital clipboard that lets the user collect all types of data and collect them on their smartphone.
  • Bump: This is the best way to trade business information with people you meet. It allows you to exchange business card type info by just bumping smartphones together.
  • Expensfy: Hate keeping track of travel expenses? This app will make it much easier and more accurate.

There are hundreds of business apps available that will do everything from managing your hourly calendar to accepting credit card payments. The right apps are a major key in the effective auto-office.

Laptops and Tablets

Tablets and laptops are still a big part of the auto office. Hotspots are available in most fast-food restaurants and hotels, and even at some highway rest areas. They offer the convenience of larger keyboards and full software programs. The larger screens are also an asset.

Video Conferencing

Skype and Google video conferencing have changed the way we do business on the road. Now you have face-to face discussions and full-blown meetings even when in different cities.

Remote Network Access

This allows users to access their work computer, or even network of office computers, while on the road. In many instances, this allows access to large amounts of critical information. It will also allow access to large programs that may be only available on the at-work network.

The jump in on-the-road technology and productivity in the past few years has been mind-boggling. What's more, it shows no sign of slowing down. You can even complete online traffic school while on the road. If you travel for business, we remind you to use the defensive driving tactics that are taught in traffic school so you can be safe while being productive.