Alaska Defensive Driving Course
I really enjoyed this class. It educated me and really made me more aware. - Joseph L.
This course was fun and very educating, not only does it show the dangers of the road, it makes you a more aware and better overall driver. - Bryan M.
Would recommend it very much to family and friends, especially those who have small children and cannot get out of the house easily or who are very busy and can't find the time for going to class. - Lorelee S.
I had to really think hard on some of the things learned. I had not seen any of this stuff for over 40 years. - Joyce D.
Really liked the internet course, It is much easier than traveling to a classroom. - Jody F.
This was quite informative; I thought I knew a lot about the driving laws and such, but I really learned quite a bit taking this course! - Denise S.
I found it interesting and entertaining. - Barbara S.
It was interesting and helpful! - Kawai W.
You're never to old to learn new things. Very informative. - Stephanie C.
The Improv Traffic School was a very fun and easy way to get through the defensive driving course and I will be sure to recommend it to anyone who needs this course. - Gregory A.
I liked the content and the way this course was laid out. Very easy to follow instructions and very informative. I liked this course better than all the other courses I have taken. - Rosa S.
I loved learning even more about traffic safety in the comfort of my own home! I will certainly take the course online every time. - Jennifer C.
The content was humorous and informative. I would highly recommend this course to family and friends. - Karen S.
It was very interesting and eye opening! - Carmen W.
Far superior to the standard, dry, defensive driving course. The intermittent breaks make it much easier to stay focused on the material. - Daniel D.
Excellent course, well done and engaging. Much easier to fit in schedule than a 5 hour in person course. - Robert R.
I love this. I would have never retained this info in a classroom. Thank you for this method of training! - Charisse D.
Enjoyable and informative! - Dennis S.
Good read. Interesting, informative and entertaining. - Anthony E.
Everything in this world should be this easy! - Mark R.
The course was well worth it. The delivery of material was interesting and it kept my attention. After all I feel that was the main objective of the course 'to pay attention'. - Rebecca Z.
There was a long list provided by the court website for traffic school choices. I am so happy with my decision to go with Improv traffic school. When I got my ticket I was dreading traffic school. But Improv online made it a fun learning experience. And it was easy! - Candis R.
This was the best course I have ever taken. It teaches you a lot and is very easy to understand. - Jamaree S.
I was pleased to find that I was already driving using many of the suggested practices recommended by this course but the delivery of this course, as compared with others, is infinitely better. - Stephen B.
Alaska Defensive Driving Course