Traffic violations exist so you’re as safe as the other drivers on the road. Since it’s as difficult to learn traffic violations as it is to stay awake for such information, why not try a different approach that brings laughs as it educates. Thankfully, comedy defensive driving courses have been created to make such boring topics come across as a night at the Improv with a no drink minimum. Comedy defensive driving courses solely exist to bring humor to the surface when it comes to safe driving and why certain tickets exist. With comedy being everywhere, safe driving doesn’t fall flat in this area of knowledge. Here’s a humorous look at some simple conundrums that happen all too frequently when it comes towards tickets and driving.

Speeding Tickets

It happens all too often, you’re missing a deadline and you’re running red lights. You’re over the speed limit…, which is when you see the red and blue lights flashing in the rear-view mirror. Although a speeding ticket is less funny than a rubber chicken, there’s a few tricks you can learn in a comedy defensive driving course that will help you through every step of the way. A comedy defensive course will colorfully explain such situations as:

  • First time offenses.
  • Fines and court dates.
  • Points on your license or additional fines for repeat offenders.
  • Loss of license in extreme cases.

As these situations come across as no laughing matter, a comedy defensive driving course adds humor so you can avoid such scenarios. Between humorous insights and entertaining perspectives on situations, you won’t even notice you’re in class learning in the most hilarious way possible.

Reckless Driving

Forty clowns to a car is dangerous, but reckless driving may surpass the danger that could occur from such a silly scenario – no matter how many clowns are involved. Comedy defensive driving adds truth and humor to such serious scenarios, which is due to the possibility of lawyers getting involved in extreme situations. With the stakes being as high as a person not getting along with their lawyer or the possibility of losing a license, some humor is needed to avoid – or correct – such situations. The points from reckless driving can be substantial enough for a license to be removed, which makes a comedy defensive driving course important for providing a humorous and educational approach to such an issue.


Comedy defensive driving is here to not only educate with a humorous approach towards DUIs, but inform as to why driving under the influence is no joke. Since the penalties often vary by the state it takes place, comedy defensive driving can explain such calamities as:

  • The costly fees/fines.
  • The possible loss of driving privileges.
  • Community service.
  • The possibility of jail time.

Since a DUI can stay on a record for years, a comedy defensive driving course will tickle your funny bone in regards to how it effects your car insurance or how it can effect future employment.

Sued For Injury

Comedy defensive driving courses are here to humor and entertain as much as they’re here to prevent injury to yourself – and other drivers – on the road. With many traffic laws existing so that everyone can remain safe, a comedy defensive driving course can delightfully explain why being alert and following traffic law at all times is important when you’re behind the wheel. In severe situations whereas a driver is getting sued, a comedy defensive driving course will articulate the aftermath of an accident.. which is much worse than a pie to the face.

Comedy Defensive Driving & You

Provided the information above, brushing up on traffic school through one of our comedy defensive driving courses isn’t such a bad idea in regards to sharing a laugh with others and gaining insightful knowledge towards becoming a better driver. Enrolling in a comedy defensive driving course will not only benefit you when it comes towards becoming a safer driver, but a course can put you in better standing if your driving history is less than great. If you happen to have previous driving violations on your record, a comedy defensive driving class can help restore your license by avoiding further points and dismissing traffic tickets as you’re busting a gut laughing in class. If you happen to be in good standing with your driving record, some car insurance companies will offer discounts for comedy defensive driving courses that comply with what you’re paying for class. Since brushing up on driving safety benefits more than just the driver, why not enroll in a comedy defensive driving course and learn in the funniest environment possible.