Colorado legislators failed to pass legislation aimed at setting a legal level for the amount of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) for drivers. The idea was to make it clearly illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana by saying, “this is the legal limit.”

Police have been asking legislators to set the ‘stoned driving’ limit so they could more easily maintain safe driving on roadways. The same way there is a legal limit for blood alcohol content, the police said, setting a limit for the amount of THC in a driver’s system draws a clear line in the sand.

This is hardly the first time the Colorado legislation has shot down an effort to set a stoned driving limit. This time, however, proponents of the bill thought it stood a good chance of passing. Unfortunately for them, the bill failed to even make it for a full vote, surprising supporters who felt confident the latest incarnation of the bill was good bet.

Previous bills have set the limit much lower than the recent proposal, but Colorado legislators seem unwilling to budge when it comes to infringing in any way on the ability of some citizens to get stoned.

As more and more states begin looking at legalizing marijuana, either for medical or recreational uses, it seems likely more legislators will be tackling this issue and having to come to terms with protecting public safety and possibly irritating some voters.