Welcome to California, time traveler! Since you’re traveling through space and California times to vacation in the Golden State, it’s clear you’ve figured out how to manipulate our linear timeline. Congratulations on achieving something impossible!

On your way to prevent the birth of a future military dictator or investing in the stock market, you may have the need to vacation in 2018 California. We have a list of the best times to visit California, so you don’t have to stress out about bending the space time continuum and planning on when you should get a tan on Venice beach!

Beach Time – May through October

If there’s one thing that everyone in the world knows about California, it’s that we have, at least, one beach. Something they might not know is that it, in fact, has thousands of beaches! The best time to visit the coast and soak up the rays (Californian for sun rays) is between the months of May and October. You’ll get to bake in the summer heat while having the opportunity to dip in the refreshing Pacific Ocean.

Fog and Wind – July to August

If you’re traveling from the dreary, pollution filled post-apocalyptic future and need something that reminds you of home, then check out San Francisco between the July and August. During this time, you’ll see the dreary side of central California. An early wake up will help you check out the thick fog rolling in from the ocean and the experience of heavy winds that will send you in a spiral of depression – just like the future!

Small Budget – Thanksgiving!

The best time to travel to California, when you’re on a budget, is during the week of Thanksgiving. All the locals are flying out to the Midwest, where they’re from coincidentally! You’ll get great deals on travel, because nobody expects the vacationer during a family holiday. Since you’re coming from the far future, after holidays have been eradicated by the government, you probably don’t even know what Thanksgiving is!

Northern California – Spring or Fall Seasons

Northern California is great for wine connoisseurs and outdoor adventures. You can bask in the beauty of the state’s mountains capes, forests, and ocean coasts with vibrant spring and fall foliage. It’s not only a beautiful time to visit the state, but you will also miss the commotion from summer tourism. So, if the beaches aren’t your speed, then check out Northern California during everyone’s favorite transitional seasons.

For Everything Else – September

If you don’t know what you want to do in the great state of California, then visit in September. This is the golden month for the golden state, because you have your summer heat in the south and cooler days in the north. You can catch the beginning of seasonal change on a nice hike or you can kayak with sea lions off the coast of San Diego. Everyone loves variety!

Wanna Strike it Rich – January 1848

Since you have a time machine, then it’s probably a good idea to just travel back to the year 1848 during the California gold rush, so you can strike it rich with GOLD. That’s, right! I said GOLD! You can join the rest of the old timey prospectors and start digging in the mountains. That’s the perfect get-away from your stressful life as a time traveler!

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