For the most part teenage drivers are considered a higher risk when it comes to serious traffic crashes. They are more likely to be involved in fatal collisions, and are often killed themselves in vehicle crashes.

A preponderance of evidence exists which suggests that teen drivers are unsafe behind the wheel. Graduated driving licensing programs abound to address this issue and legislators and police have repeatedly attempted to educate the public about this issue and keep these drivers safe at any cost.

However, bucking this trend, a group of California teenagers recently won an award from AAA for producing a new safe driving video for other teenagers.

Students from Sacred Heart High School in Los Angeles won $2,500 in cash for creating a lively and colorful video featuring a Bollywood dance troupe that learns a big lesson about driving recklessly.

“Many people think texting or using a phone while driving are the main things that can cause a crash, stated award-winning teen director Danessa Inguito in the June issue of Westways magazine. “But there are a lot of other distracting activities, like listening to music, doing makeup, even talking.”

The nine students who participated in the victorious video production have donated their earnings to their school to purchase new computer equipment.