There is a category of traffic violations in California called “Correctable Violations” more popularly known as “Fix-it” tickets. Back in the day, if you made the correction, there was no charge for the ticket. Ah… but times have changed. The economy and the laws have changed. The State of California wants and needs your financial contribution, so there are no more “freebies.”

Some examples of these “Fix-it” tickets include:

• Equipment Violations – (broken headlight/tail light/cracked windshield/raised or lowered vehicle/illegal exhaust)

• Drivers License/Registration/Insurance Violations – If you were pulled over and you didn’t have your license, registration, or proof of insurance, or if any of these were expired, you will receive this violation. However! There is a new law in California that may help you avoid receiving a ticket for forgetting to keep your proof of insurance in your glove compartment. It states that you are allowed to show proof of insurance coverage via a photo on your smart phone.

If you did not actually have insurance when you were ticketed, you can be liable for the full fine (It is VERY expensive, it can cost you $800+).

If your ticket falls under the category of Correctable Violations, it would be wise to know what to do to stop the ticket from appearing on your driving record or to avoid increasing fees.
You will have a certain amount of time to fix your automobile’s broken part or show proof of document ownership. There are different time requirements for different violations. The specific amount of time you will have to “Fix It,” should be stated on the ticket itself.

If instructions are not on the ticket, then you can find them on the California state website.

We suggest when beginning the process, to first get your car’s mechanical problem fixed. It is very dangerous to have a broken headlight or windshield while driving behind the wheel. You also must get it replaced before verification can occur.

FROM THE COURT: “When you fix the problem, get an authorized person to sign the “Certificate of Correction” part of your ticket. Take the proof of correction to the court and pay the dismissal fee before the deadline. You can check your ticket or contact the court to see if the court accepts proof of correction by mail. The court will then dismiss your case and it will not go on your record. You must take or mail the signed ticket with proof of correction to the court along with your dismissal fee. Do this before the deadline on your ticket. The court will then dismiss your case.”

To get your ticket “SIGNED” for verification, the only people that can do that are:

• A Police Officer who is designated for corrections of violations
• The DMV
• A Court Clerk