With just two days to go until the Memorial Day three-day weekend (for most of us) California drivers have seen their hopes of getting someplace for less dashed as gas prices started going up early this week and haven’t stopped.

The price spike was prompted by the closing of some oil refineries and prices seem to have finally stopped climbing. But that is little relief for drivers in Los Angeles who are paying about $4.41 per gallon today. The prices have increased more than 17 cents per gallon since last week.

It seems unlikely the prices will come down before drivers head out on vacation tomorrow, meaning Southern California drivers will be paying record prices at the gas pump. And they are not alone.

In Orange County, the average is $4.383 a gallon, up 17 cents since last week. That’s also a rise of 17.3 cents since last month, and a rise of 18.8 cents since last year.

In San Diego, the average price is $4.369 a gallon, 14.8 cents above last week, 13 cents above last month, and 18 cents higher than last year.

On the Central Coast, the average price is $4.420, up 16.7 cents from last week, 17 cents higher than a month ago, and 16 cents above last year.

In the Inland Empire, the average per gallon price is $4.370, up 16.8 cents from last week, 14 cents higher than last month, and 17 cents more than last year.