There are a lot of different kinds of problems that plague California leaders today. Road conditions is one that stands out for the majority of the state and traffic is one that seems to affect the larger cities, though some of the smaller ones really struggle with having traffic problems as well.

Derived from too many people in a space that was designed for far fewer of them, leaders cannot just simply take out the population or ask Californians to leave the state. CA leaders are figuring out how to make traffic flow properly and keep roads in reasonable repair not just to decrease road rage, but to help decrease accidents.

Bad Roads and More Drivers Equal More Accidents and Tickets

One of the biggest problems with bumpy roads and too much traffic is that the ratios of accidents and tickets are higher than in many other areas. If you’ve received a ticket for violating a traffic law or causing an accident, you can go to online traffic school as a ticket dismissal course. There are in-person options for traffic school, as well, but it’s much nicer to avoid all of that sitting in a classroom and just focus on getting through the schooling from the comfort of your own home. That way you don’t need to worry about travel time, available space, or anything else that can come along with attending in person.

In some cases you can successfully fight a ticket because of road conditions, traffic problems, and other serious concerns.  For the times that you do receive a ticket that you can’t get overturned right away, traffic school online can solve the problem. That way you won’t get points on your driver’s license and you won’t have to see your insurance rates go way up because of a ticket. It’s clear that there’s a lot of traffic in California and that some of the roads can be improved so they aren’t so bumpy, but that doesn’t mean every ticket issued will be thrown out or easily dismissed.

How California Leaders Are Helping

Among the main suggestions for reducing traffic in areas like LA, where there are simply too many vehicles on the road, are building more rail lines for commuter trains and increasing the bus routes. By improving the bus system for immediate needs and building more rail lines for the future, it’s easier and faster for people in LA to get around. Other California cities are doing similar things and making improvements that can reduce the number of cars on the road. Not only does that help with traffic issues, but it also makes it easier to repair roads, and to keep those roads in good shape in the first place.

Dedicated lanes for buses are something that’s being considered, too. Right now, buses get stuck in the traffic congestion just like cars do. When that happens, taking them isn’t necessarily faster than just driving your own car. If you can’t get there faster on the bus or the train, why pay the money to take them? A lot of people are more comfortable in their own vehicles, and they must see a true advantage before they’ll switch over to using public transit. Dedicated bus lanes to make them faster and more rail lines to keep up with demand would both make a difference. Then the roads would be less bumpy and in better shape, and the amount of traffic drivers have to contend with would be drastically reduced, making things safer and easier for everyone.