Currently drivers who are under the influence of drugs behind the wheel don’t worry so much about being pulled by police because there is no standard for how much of a particular drug they can have in their system.

For alcohol the standard has been set at a blood alcohol content of .08 percent. Not only has a standard for alcohol consumption been set but police have tools at their disposal to determine a drivers blood alcohol content either through a breathalyzer test on the spot, or a blood text administered by a medical professional.

Now some California lawmakers are looking for the same sort of standards for police to use when they encounter someone who may be driving under the influence of drugs. Only this latest proposal being considered in the California State Assembly right now, not even medical marijuana users (who have a prescription and a medical reason for using marijuana) would be exempt.

If police see someone driving erratically they will be permitted to pull them over and administer some questions to get a sense of whether or not they might be under the influence of drugs. If the police officer is convinced they are under the influence of drugs he can order them to have an immediate blood test. If any drugs are found in their system he will be able to write a citation which will include a fine, fees and points added to their license.

The merits of this new proposal are still being debated; it is far from becoming a law, but several lawmakers have already expressed their interest in giving police new tools for combating what they consider a public safety issue.