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California is among the states with the most courthouses in the country. With over 500 courthouses across 58 counties, they are dishing out justice to hard criminals and maintaining the laws of liberty. Without our courts, the injustices of the world and unlawful settlements would run rampant across the state.

At least that’s what we would like to think is happening behind those regal court doors.

Most of the hardball court criminals are involved in traffic-related incidents. Handled inside of a traffic court, these culprits make their persuasive arguments about wrongly being ticketed, which, most of the time, ends the same: a quick dismissal, an inevitable fine payment, and a request to enroll in traffic school. It’s like clockwork.

The cases most often heard in front of a judge pertain to violations of a motor vehicle or traffic law. A few examples of these common hearings deal with speeding, illegal parking, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a substance (DWI/DUI.) With a plethora of drivers on the California roads (places infamous for driving), you can easily predict the sheer volume of court visits. In case you can’t, it’s an enormous amount of cases seen daily.

Between 2015 to 2016 alone, there were roughly 4 million traffic-related misdemeanors and infractions filed in CA courts. You can imagine how many people walked through those court doors. With so many people attending court because of the traffic, which courts pump out the most cases in California?

San Francisco Hall of Justice

If you’ve ever driven through San Francisco, you understand why there are so many traffic violation related cases for the city. The San Francisco Hall of Justice is the primary court used to handle traffic-related crimes. Therefore, it gets the bulk of the myriad of violators. If you thought the roads in San Francisco were bumpy, the traffic cases are worse.

Glendale Courthouse

Glendale is located just northeast of Downtown Los Angeles. But, directly north of Los Angeles in the amount of traffic court cases heard. The seemingly docile city is bursting with drivers who commit traffic violations. As a result, the Glendale Courthouse sees an abundance of testifying citizens every day.

Santa Barbara Superior Court

The Santa Barbara Superior Court will get flooded with traffic violators willing to take their chance contesting a ticket in court, especially from the Santa Maria area. The smaller city may not have a lot of residents compared to other areas on this list, but they have just as many speeders. When those guys get busted, they all get funneled through Santa Barbara.

Alameda County Berkeley Courthouse

South of Oakland and east of San Francisco is the wonderful town of Berkeley. It’s most famously known for its prestigious university and beautiful bay location. The campus brings thousands of genius minds, inspiring artists, and reckless drivers inside court doors to duke it out with a traffic judge. It could also just be the law students trying to get their reps in traffic court before they represent a client in the real world.

West Covina Superior Courthouse

The West Covina Superior Courthouse is no stranger to the onslaught of traffic violation disputes. At times, this space could seem like a revolving door of people addressing the obvious guiltiness of their tickets and trying to squeeze out of a fine payment. No matter how many people make it through the doors of this court, only a lucky few will escape it without payment.