If you felt like you had to wait a little bit less last year at the California Department of Motor Vehicles, you’re probably right. A new report from California DMV shows online business surged in 2012-up a full six percent over 2011 levels. The department said it is likely to surge again this year, as more and more people choose to conduct their business with California DMV online rather than in-person.

With the exception of your driving test and a few other minor in-person requirements, most business with the department of motor vehicles can be done via an Internet connection. That means users don’t have to wait in line at a DMV office; don’t even need to change out of their pajamas if they need to renew their vehicle registration. This has been a big time-saver for California drivers and helped reduce costs at the DMV.

There were nearly 12 million online transactions at the California DMV last year. These included vehicle registration renewal, access to driver license records, driver license renewal and online filings of Notice of Release of Liability. The California DMV also reported the use of self-service terminals inside the DMV offices also increased–more than 60 percent.

Across the board people seem to be enjoying the benefits of using the Internet or some digital form of communication to do their business with the California DMV. This trend is likely to continue, especially with the state expecting an influx of new driver license applications from those who benefitted from the White House plan to prevent deportation of illegals who arrived here as children.