You’ve got your seatbelt on and are cruising just below the speed limit, hands at ten and two on the wheel, and because you check your rearview as directed every three to seven seconds you now see whirls of red and blue and hear that dreaded sound.

You are being pulled over, and you have no idea why. Depending on your location in the nation, violating one of these insanely crazy driving laws may be your only crime.

1. Alaska’s Illicit Dog Transportation Law – In the “roguish and mavericky” state of Alaska, if common sense won’t keep your pup safe, this bizarre law will. A statewide law prohibits one from tethering their dog to a vehicle’s bike rack. It’s disheartening to think this was a REAL problem that required legal recourse!

2. Gas Pumping Restrictions – Both New Jersey and Oregon became concerned about citizens lacking the ability to pump their own gas without starting fires, so in 1949 and 1951 respectively, these states outlawed self-service gas. However, it seems a blind eye is turned to this inconvenient law, as the bulk of residents appear to understand how gas pumps work these days.

bizarre driving laws

3. Ditch the Dice – Not to pick on little old New Jersey, but this one’s a doozy. Hanging fuzzy dice or anything from your rearview mirror can get you pulled over. What’s next – no bumper stickers?

4. Don’t Jump at 65 MPH and Up – This surely wouldn’t be a problem for the average person, and surely anyone attempting to exit a moving vehicle at such speed would be attempting to escape imminent danger. However, if you’re in Glendale, CA doing so would be illegal. But hey, anything under 65 mph and you’re golden!

5. Zero, Zero Tolerance – Drunk driving and open container laws reinforce our nation’s zero tolerance policy, but many cities take it to the next level. Take Scituate, Rhode Island, where transporting even unopened beer is illegal, so you can forget that beer run. In Lubbock County, Texas it’s against the law to drive within an arm’s reach of any alcohol – including any that’s in someone else’s system! So much for being that designated driver…

It is highly likely that you don’t have to worry about violating one of these bizarre laws. Excellent news, because driving along the nation’s roads can be crazy enough.  It’s hard enough to look out for the insane drivers on the road, practice defensive driving, and stay focused on the road, and there’s nothing like tossing a few oddball violations into the mix as you travel to keep it interesting.