A bright sun setting over the earths horizon.

The tormented know this feeling all too well. You’re jammed in the middle of rows and aisles of cars on a highway you’ve never driven on in California. You had a 1:00PM meeting with the beach, but at this rate, you’ll be lucky to make it there before sundown because of the drive in California. You’ve heard about the monstrous traffic there, but you pushed it away as folklore trying to scare away tourism. Yet, you find yourself stuck in one of the worst traffic jams in the entire country.

Nothing is worse than the helpless feeling you have when you’re imprisoned in a sea of cars. Let’s hope you packed some snacks and used the restroom before you left, because you’ll be stuck on the 101 for another few hours. There’s a light at the end of this traffic jam. Your favorite online traffic school is here to help. We’re listing the best times to use the roads in California.

Los Angeles

LA has some of the worst traffic in the world. It’s common that a person, leaving from work, can face upwards to 2 hours of traffic on their commute home. That’s horrifying. Unfortunately, it’s life of the Angelino – who owns a car.

Whether you’re driving through Los Angeles or you’re planning on living there, know how to plan around rush hour – or rush 3-hours. The worst times to drive are between 7:00 AM-10:00 AM and again from 4:00 PM-7:00 PM. During these hours, traffic will become more like a nose during the allergy season – it’ll reach max congestion. We joke, but really. Don’t go on the roads between those hours.

San Francisco

San Francisco’s traffic is similar to Los Angeles’ traffic, except everyone wakes up and leaves for work earlier. If you’re navigating the roads through the bay area, be on the lookout of early morning rushers and late afternoon/early evening sleepy commuters. 7:00 AM-9:00 AM and 4:00-6:00 PM tend to be work and home commute rush.

Of course, it tends to be smooth sailing – sorry smooth cruising – when you’re passing through on the weekend. Between Saturday and Sunday, traffic dies down while the rest of San Francisco gets their beauty sleep.

San Diego

Just like most of California, there’s no avoiding the traffic. But, you do have the option of congested traffic or super congested traffic! With that said, if you want to drive through that simple, easy going regular traffic, then try avoiding the dreadful 7:30 AM-10:00 AM and 3:30 PM-6:30 PM.

If you’re visiting San Diego, one of the best options is to travel by foot. It has a vibrant downtown life full of culture, farmers’ markets, and eateries that are all within walking distance.

California State

California is great for vacationing. Especially the Pacific Coast Highway which stretches from north to south along the western coast. So, if you’re planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway to the golden state, you should know the busiest times in the year to get around.

Tourism traffic reaches its high point during the summer season. Visiting the state during Spring, Fall, and Winter will give you plenty of time to visit empty beaches, tourist destinations, and smooth cruises along the coast. Of course, if you want vacant roads, plan to drive on the highways during the holidays. Los Angeles during Thanksgiving looks like a post-apocalyptic waste, except there’s no mayhem and destruction – just no cars on the road.

Remember the best way to drive is by being a defensive driver. Enrolling into a California defensive driving course online with Myimprov.com is will teach you the tools necessary to drive safely. Of course, when you’re stuck in traffic, the only thing to remember is to not yell at the cars around you.