Has the upcoming election made you think about flocking to another country? Whether you have a favorite candidate or remain undecided, the impending decision may leave our country at odds.

You can consider looking into international flights, trains, boats or ferries, but a car can get you where you want to go the safest…

Pan-American Highway

If you are not sure which way you want to go, you can hop on the Pan-American Highway. This highway reaches from Canada, through the United States, and continues on to Mexico. In America, this highway splits into two unofficial routes. One splits off near the west coast, the other by the east coast. So, no matter which part of the country you are starting your journey in, you can reach both Mexico and Canada this way. You can escape the madness at ease while you choose which country to inhabit next.

The Pan-American Highway  tourism destinations

Also taking the Pan-American Highway is a good way to see all the natural (and man-made beauty) that the country you once loved so dearly has to offer as you are on your way out.

I-8 to the I-19


As long as you have a current passport, you can traverse along any international highway (most are unofficial offshoots of the Pan-American Highway) to get out. If you are on the west coast and believe Mexico will offer you some solace from the circus that is this election cycle, hop on the I-8 to the I-19 and cruise south until you hit the border. Then start your new life Trump and Hillary free.



If Canada sounds more up your alley (hello, universal health care), head up the Pacific Northwest Coast by the I-5 (which eventually links with highway 97 in Canada) and enjoy all the maple syrup your body can handle.

If you are leaving through the east coast, head on over to connect with Interstate 25, which can take you down to Mexico from Texas.

To go straight to Canada, you can hop on U.S. Route 81, which connects with the I-35 and can take you right out of the country you used to be patriotic for.

These routes are simply suggestions on ways to get out of the country on known highways. If it comes down to it and you are truly planning to leave the country, make sure you prepare appropriately by securing your passport and planning out your entire exit plan. There are many different routes to take and thousands of highways and roads that can lead you to new found freedom.

I ask you to really consider the repercussions of leaving the United States of America and flocking to another country, although I know this election definitely has people worried. Depending on who gets elected, we might not be able to exit or enter the country as we please, so keep in mind to prepare in advance and stay aware of your rights!