Arizona may not have an abundance of deciduous trees to brighten up the Autumn months, but it more than makes up for this lack of natural color with bright orange cones; signs of traffic construction nearly everywhere.

It is not unusual for drivers to see an increase in the number of construction sites popping on Arizona roadways during the months between August and whenever winter finally decides to arrive. The cool, dry weather is the perfect time for construction crews to get some serious work done on the infrastructure; roads need new paving, lanes widened, bridges repaired, that sort of thing.

All this construction is good for drivers in the long run, but can causes delays while it is happening. State law requires drivers to slow down when workers are present. Traffic congestion caused by this ‘slowing’ means it will likely take you longer to get where you are going, so be prepared to slow down or stop and find an alternate route if at all possible. Also, make certain you have plenty of fuel in your tank before you set off so you don’t find yourself running low while sitting in traffic.

If you have questions about traffic construction, or alternate routes, you can visit the Arizona Department of Transportation web site for a listing of state highway projects; what’s happening, where and what alternate route they might suggest. In the meantime, slow down and be aware that construction is prevalent this time of year. There is no reason for drivers to speed when workers (or any sort of pedestrian) is present on the road. It only takes an instant for an accident to happen, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.