Automation is coming to California, just like traffic school online is coming to several other states. But there are some serious implications for the ways in which more things are going to be automated. One of the most important implications is that a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. If they can be replaced by a robot or an automated system, and it’s cheaper to make that replacement, then it’s generally not surprising that companies are making that choice. Cars are even becoming automated, both in how they’re made and how they’re driven. That affects vehicle makers, but it also affects those who drive for a living.

Right Now, Drivers Still Have Their Jobs

The idea of automation taking over driving jobs isn’t a new one. There are currently automated cars being tested out by Google and other companies. While there have been accidents and problems, the technology continues to be worked on. In time, it’s possible that driverless cars could become much more common. When that happens, there will be a lot more jobs lost. There will also be the risk of an accident between these cars and those that are still piloted by drivers. If the driver is at fault, they may need to take a traffic course for ticket dismissal. But what if the automated car is at fault in the accident? It’s clear that the current laws will need to be adjusted as automation takes over more cars and trucks on the road in the future.

How Much of the Automation is Really Expected?

There are all kinds of estimates about automation and driverless cars. When these cars are much more popular, and they can do more than just move down the road safely, drivers really could see their jobs drying up and disappearing. But for now, there isn’t too much danger. There are also a lot of other types of jobs that could go away, including fast food workers, cashiers, accountants, and much more, due to the ability to automate a lot of the functions that those people currently perform. Self-checkout lines at grocery stores are one example of this.
Some estimates of how many CA workers will lose their jobs to automation in the coming years are as high as 40 percent or more, while other estimates put the number at a much more modest level of just under 10 percent. No matter which of these numbers is correct, though, or whether the answer is somewhere in the middle, it’s clear that at least some California workers are going to lose their jobs to automation. That’s unfortunate for them and for the families that they take care of, and it can make communities less stable because fewer people in them will be able to support themselves.

Those Who Drive Should Take Note of Automation

For anyone who drives on California roads, taking note of automation is very important. Whether there’s the chance that automation will take their job as a driver, or whether automation could result in an accident with a driverless car, it’s important that drivers know the laws, rules, and requirements in their state. That way, if they do end up getting a ticket, they can take an online traffic course for ticket dismissal. As more changes come through automation the laws regarding accidents with driverless cars will need to be adjusted. But those who are at fault in these accidents will still want to understand their options so they can reduce the chances of higher insurance rates, points on their license, and other types of problems such as fees and fines.