You might use your vehicle to drive to work, drive to school or ferry the kids back and forth between the mall and home, but a vehicle is also a deadly weapon if used the wrong way.

Such was the case when an Arizona woman intentionally ran over her husband because he did not vote in the most recent presidential election.

Police say the woman, Holly Solomon, driving her SUV, first chased her husband around a parking lot. The husband, Daniel Solomon, attempted to take shelter behind a light pole, but his wife found a way to strike him with her vehicle and run him over. The husband was transported to a local hospital with severe injuries and is listed in critical condition.

Holly Solomon, who is pregnant with her husband’s child, is now facing charges of aggravated assault and reckless driving. Police said in published reports she reported that she was only trying to scare her husband but accidentally put her foot on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal and ran him over. Paramedics on the scene reported the man was actually pinned beneath the SUV.

As if it might need to be said, a vehicle is not a toy. It is not for playing games or “scaring” people. It is a mode of transport intended to be safe and keep and the occupants and everyone else, secure. In this instance, if she had killed her husband, not only would she have lost the father of her child and her husband, but would also likely be facing charges of vehicular homicide.

Any time a driver choose to behave as if their 3-thousand-pound pile of steel, glass and plastic (also known as an automobile) is actually a toy, bad things happen. In many of those cases someone gets hurt, and often, the driver winds up with a citation and our losing their driving privileges.