Completely avoiding traffic tickets is tricky, even for the most experienced drivers. All it takes is a moment of lost concentration to make a mistake and receive a citation. This is one of the reasons traffic schools are so popular.

Of course, it’s even more difficult to avoid traffic tickets if you don’t even know what you’re being ticketed for! To help you out, here are four of the most common traffic tickets that many drivers aren’t even aware of. You will be able to use the tips below to become a safer driver, and get pulled over less.

Driving Too Slowly

Everybody knows that it’s illegal to speed, it’s one of the most common tickets drivers come to defensive driving schools to try and dismiss. Speeding is dangerous, interrupting the flow of traffic, and putting yourself and others at risk.

It makes sense, then, that driving too far under the limit is also a ticketable offense. Like speeding, driving too slowly interrupts the flow of traffic and puts others at risk. If you’re driving below the limit, you should always stay in the right-most lane. Even then, you must drive fast enough to not impede traffic

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule:

  • If you’re passing a slower vehicle (like an oversized load), you’re permitted to move one lane to the left in order to pass them.
  • You’re permitted to slow down if you’re preparing to make a turn.
  • During certain hazardous road or weather conditions, it’s expected that you will be driving far below the posted limit.

Making a U-Turn

It’s easy to get turned around or lost when you’re driving in a new place. Sometimes, it’s just easier to turn around and go the other way. Making a U-turn is often necessary, but it’s also sometimes illegal. Illegal U-turn tickets are quite common, so it’s important to know exactly when they’re illegal.

Exact laws on U-turns do vary by state, but in general it’s legal to make as long as it’s reasonably safe based on approaching traffic, cars in the area, and the road you’re on. However, several things can make a U-turn illegal. Typically, this will include things like:

  • Being on a hill or sloped road.
  • Being close to a bend or curve that limits visibility of oncoming traffic.
  • Going across double-yellow lines on a road.
  • Making a U-turn near an explicit ‘No U-Turn’ sign.

Driving With a Pet

There’s nothing as fun as taking your dog on a road trip to the park, to the ice cream store, or anywhere in-between. What you might not have known, however, is that you might be violating traffic laws by doing so.

Several states do explicitly ban drivers from holding their pets while driving. Others ban pets from sitting on the driver’s lap while the vehicle is in motion. In New Jersey, for example, you could be fined up to $1,000 for driving with a dog in your lap.

If you want to safely drive with a pet, you should consider a traveling restraint for them. It allows them to safely sit and lay down, without giving them the ability to freely roam throughout the vehicle as you drive. It also prevents them from running out when the door is opened.

Having an Unsafe Vehicle

Traffic tickets are simply limited to mistakes you make while driving. If your vehicle isn’t safe to operate, you can receive a ticket for trying to drive it.

There are many types of unsafe vehicles, but there are a number of conditions that can make it unsafe:

  • Worn down, balding tires that are at the end of their life-cycle.
  • Faulty headlights or brake lights.
  • Snow on the top of the vehicle that hasn’t been shoveled off.
  • Excessive fluid leaks.

Getting Rid of Tickets With Defensive Driving Courses

If you received a traffic ticket, one of your best bets is taking a defensive driving course. It provides you with the necessary tools to become a defensive, safe driver. You’ll be able to remove violation points from your record and possibly even have the ticket thrown out.

Best of all, voluntarily enrolling in a defensive driving course often encourages insurance companies to lower your premium. So make sure to check us out and enroll in a class today!