Michigan state legislators approved a measure to extend the state’s current law which sets the legal limit for driving while intoxicated at .08% BAC. As amazing as it may seem the Michigan state law which set the BAC at .08% was set to expire this year. This prompted some vigilant legislation hawks to notify their local lawmakers and urge them to extend the current law rather than let it expire.

And lawmakers, eager to keep their constituents alive and kicking and protect the public safety in general, were all too happy to help.

Last week Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed the proposed measure into law, extending the state’s .08% BAC drunk driving limit until 2018.

Separately, Washington State legislators also approved measures to extend the .08% BAC drunk driving limit to anyone who drives a boat, snowmobile or ATV, however Gov. Snyder made no guarantee that he would sign those measures into law.

One thing students of our Michigan defensive driving course understand is how much alcohol influences their behavior behind the wheel. Whether that wheel is used to operate a motor car, or a boat; a motorcycle or an ATV, the results are the same and often disastrous. Your reaction times are greatly diminished, as is your ability to judge distances, and/or make any kind of judgement at all.

Whether or not the law in your state sets a legal limit for the amount of alcohol you can consume before operating one of those vehicles, we recommend you don’t consume any alcohol at all; have a good time, be safe and arrive alive.