In California last weekend a wrong-way driver was arrested after causing a collision on U.S. Highway 101. Not only was Jurai Somlee, of Petaluma, driving the wrong way on U.S. Highway 101, police say he was also drunk and driving without a valid license.

Fortunately for Somlee, both he and the driver of the vehicle he collided with suffered no visible injuries. they were both transported to the local hospital as a precaution before Somlee was booked and taken to the local jail.

Police everywhere are on the lookout for wrong-way drivers. From New York to California; Florida to Indiana, the incidence of wrong-way driving has been on a slight increase. Some drivers reported going the wrong way because they are drunk, confused or lost, while others intentionally drive the wrong way seeking to do harm to themselves or other drivers. Regardless of why drivers end up going to wrong way at high speeds, police have little hope of catching them before a collision occurs because they simply can’t be everywhere at once.

If you are driving on the highway keep your eyes open. Be aware of the vehicles behind you and around you, and don’t trust that everyone will be going the right way. Many accidents are unpredictable-that’s why they are called “accidents” even when one of the people involved does something intentionally.