California has great drivers and horrible drivers. Instead of compiling a list of the best advice we’ve received, we put together a list of the worst advice we’ve received on CA driving. This is stuff they don’t teach you in online traffic school… because it’s terrible advice. Again, this is a list of the WORST driving advice.

“You don’t need turn signals.” -Bad Advice

Turn signals are for driver’s ed and when you’re around the police. They’re a sign of inexperienced drivers who haven’t learned the true rules of the road. Only real drivers can signal an intent to turn, lane change, or move from a parked position telepathically.

“Honk when the light changes.” -Super Bad Advice

What better way to inform drivers of the immediate light change than honking? Other drivers might not be paying attention. There’s no real way to know, so you should always blast your horn as soon as the light changes. If not, you could be waiting upwards to one (1) second when the light turns green. That’s horrendous! You can drive so many places within one (1) second.

“Offensive driving is the best defensive driving.” -Atrocious Advice

I’m telling you, offense is the best defense while driving. If you want to drive 20+ miles over the speed limit, just to get to the stoplight quicker than everyone else, you do it. If you want to tailgate and swerve between traffic, completely disregarding the 2-second rule, you do it. If you’re having trouble with this one, just be the most selfish driver on the road. People will be so intimidated, they’ll make room for you.

“Block intersections so you’re closer to the stoplight.” -Fallacious Advice

When nearing a stoplight, your goal is to come to a complete stop as close to the red light as possible. Okay – sure, you may end up blocking ongoing traffic and blatantly ignoring “keep clear” signs on the road, but whatevs! You’re helping everyone by individually, getting through that traffic light first when it turns green.

“Don’t brake at stop signs.” -Horrible, Horrible Advice

Rolling stops are the best way to brake at stop signs. They keep the momentum going while also fulfilling the purpose of the stop sign – sorta. You might not be able to spot pedestrians crossing the road and you’ll increase the chances of a collision, but you’ll drive through the intersection quicker. Driving is all about cutting corners, sometimes literally!

“The louder the music the cooler the driver.” -Don’t Listen to this Advice

What? We can’t hear you over the sound of loud music, because the coolest drivers need to let everyone know they’re cool. Did you know the louder the music in the car, the classier the driver? It’s true. Sure, it distracts others from driving and annoys people in residential areas, but that’s the price they pay for being so… cool.

“Don’t check your blind spot when you merge.” -Magnificently Dumb Advice

Merging into rush hour traffic is like playing a game of roulette. You just do it and hope for the best. Don’t worry about checking your blind spot. If someone is there, they’ll be sure to honk at you. You don’t have to waste time turning your neck and being “safe.” Safety is just for people who don’t want to be in danger.

“Just honk for no reason.” -Unreasonable, Immature, Bad Advice

Sometimes you’re just happy to be alive. The best way to show that, while in your car, is by sporadically honking. This will show everyone around you that you’re just ecstatic to be here. It will also trick and confuse other drivers, because, like we said, offense is the best defense!