Vice-Presidential candidate and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has a home in Wisconsin that has suddenly become a popular tourist destination. However, drivers are being warned that is exhibit any suspicious behavior they risk being stopped by Secret Service agents and having their vehicle and persons searched.

This is the price we pay for protecting our politicians.

As a warning to drivers the Secret Service has posted signs advising drivers the risk they run for just cruising through Ryan’s neighborhood and they have placed some barriers in nearby intersections, but so far, no problems have been reported.

Secret Service agents placed the barricades at four intersections near Ryan’s home, which is at the intersection of St. Lawrence Avenue and Sinclair Street on Janesville’s near east side. The barriers are on Harrison and Sinclair streets where they intersect Court Street, on St. Lawrence Avenue at Jackman Street and on Sinclair at Van Buren Street.

The city of Janesville provided the barricades at the request of the Secret Service, Deputy Chief Jon Olsen said. Janesville police are not responsible for the barricades, Olsen said. He would not say what “subject to search” means.

For people living in the area the barricades and increased scrutiny are surely nuisance, but all defensive drivers are well aware that they should expect the unexpected. Driving is among the most dangerous things anyone can do. It remains the number one cause of death for teenagers and millions of Americans die every year from various types of vehicle accidents.

With this mind drivers should also exhibit caution, pay close attention to road signs, both permanent and temporary, and keep their eyes on the road ahead. Whether the situation is caused by a potential vice-president, or some other unexpected situation drivers need to be ready for anything.