Believe it or not, New York isn’t the desolated post-apocalyptic wasteland that the rest of the country thinks it is. Many people will do anything to live, work, or vacation in New York. No, you won’t get kidnapped by rogue road barbarians, because New York is a state that’s safe whether you’re the sole head of the household or a family looking to settle down.

The state becomes even safer when you take a NYS defensive driving course. With some of the top tier infrastructure in the country, you can never be too safe on these busy highways. So, we’re dispelling this strange rumor that New York is a wasteland void of any life with this list of why you should live, work, or vacation in the state.

Wine State

A little-known fact about New York is it’s one of the leading wine states in the entire country. Generating around $4.8 billion in economic benefits, New York has roughly 2,000 family owned vineyards and over 400 wineries. Seems like a great place to live, if you love your wine.

Also, if New York were a post-apocalyptic death land, you wouldn’t be able to grow any grapes there. If you don’t have any grapes, you can’t have all that wine.

The Great Outdoors

No, we’re not talking about the 200-mile desert filled with radioactive cacti and debris from civilizations that came before, we’re talking about that great New England forests, refreshing springs, and gorgeous mountains that you can only get in New York. Home of highly recognized National State Parks, New York has just about everything you need in an outdoor adventure.

Not to mention visiting the state in the autumn to see the fall foliage will be a breathtaking experience that will have you saying, “New York is definitely not a post-apocalyptic wasteland.”

New York City

Still not convinced? Well, bingo-bango, take exhibit A for the reason why New York isn’t a desolate corpse of a state. New York City is a melting pot of cultures and is the largest city in the entire country. With museums, world renowned theater, cinemas, landmarks, and delicious foods, New York City is a hotbed and the nations cultural capital.

Before you ask, no, New York City isn’t a post-apocalyptic nomadic group of merchants trying to survive their new uranium radiated mutant lives.

Seaside Towns

If you love fishing, boats, and everything else nautical, then New York will be a lovely destination for you to visit. The state is in abundance of seaside towns that will make any seaport enthusiast light up like a lighthouse.

The fish are definitely not mutates trying to collect food for the upcoming nuclear winter.

Best Pizza in the Country

This state is well-known for their signature pizza styles. Wide tossed with deep crust is the true New Yorker style pizza. You can buy a slice and explore the rest of New York when you visit the state. While you’re munching on your ‘za (short for pizza) you can rejoice knowing that the sun isn’t melting your flesh, because you aren’t in a post-apocalyptic desert.

Great Economy

Contrary to popular belief, New York’s state economy didn’t tank and plunge the state into civil war, which eventually led to its fatal destruction. In fact, it’s booming. Small towns across the empire state have experienced growth in the past decade.

A healthy economy means one thing, more jobs. Which totally shows that the state hasn’t fallen into complete anarchy.

Great Weather (except for the winter)

The only bad thing about New York isn’t the nuclear winters, but, instead, the regular winters. You can experience modest weather through the entire year, cool and crisp seasonal weather, and heavy winters. So, if you love your seasons and when leaves change colors, then New York is a perfect destination to call your home.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Whether you’re taking the thruway through the state to get to NYC or taking some back roads to your log cabin in the mountains, New York has a fantastic transportation and infrastructure network. Before you bring it up, you will not be crossing any 200-mile desert on foot.

Schools and Education

How do you think a great state like New York can sustain itself? No, not on the power irradiating from the nuclear infused desert sand from the fallout, but by its education system. New York has the most progressive and advanced learning institutions in the country. Whether it’s preschool, K-12, or college, New York has a fantastic educational fit for your needs.

Clearly, New York isn’t a post-apocalyptic nightmare scape like the rest of the country thinks it is. In fact, New York is a highly progressive with national landmarks and great weather. You can’t go wrong if you’re trying to live, work, or just visit this fantastic state.