We all know you lose sleep at night contemplating how you could be a more defensive driver. Especially how to be a more defensive driver in New York state. Fighting against road rage and the grandma drivers, being defensive is a valuable trait that’ll leave people feeling safe, secure, and impressed.

No one likes reckless driving.

You can always spot a defensive driver. But, something you might not know are the types of defensive drivers and how to spot them. Below is a list identifying the best NYS defensive drivers.

1. The Emergency Planners

Whether you’re driving upstate to go apple picking or trenching through a foot of snow in your hatchback, people who prepare for any emergency is a sign of a true defensive driver.

Got a spare tire in the back? Flashlight and road flares? First aid kit? These are questions to ask yourself when you’re driving through the perils of New York.

The people from downstate just don’t know how well they have it.

2. The Road Scanners

The Emergency Planners are prepared for anything, but the Road Scanners are the ones who really leave a defensive impact on the roads. Also known as the all-seeing eyes of the highways, the Road Scanners routinely check their rearview mirrors and their sides for any signs of reckless driving.

They see everything.

Even you, deer, who is hunched in the bushes and will run in front of the car as soon as it gets 10-feet from you. They see you.

3. The Hyper Focused

The music volume must not exceed 8, the windows must remain rolled up, and absolutely no cell phones may be check while driving.

You know the type.

The Hyper Focused are defensive drivers who are extra cautious about distractions while driving. Not even the beauty of taking the backroads with the serene fall foliage can waiver their focus. In fact, everything might as well look like a grey slate to them.

By cutting out all distraction while driving, The Hyper Focused are able to stay fine-tuned with the road. Some say, they merge, mentally, with their car. It’s quite beautiful.

4. The 3-to-4-Second-ers

The 3-to 4-second-ers follow a strict moral foundation of leaving at least 3 to 4 seconds of distance between their car and the car in front of them.

When stopping at a stop light, they make sure the back tires of the car in front align with the top of their dashboard. This is a measurement to keep them from tailgating any car.

They actively fight the constant battle against their mortal nemesis, the tailgaters. You know who they are.

The 3-to-4-second-ers are prepared for the worst. They understand that it’s New York state. Snow happens. Rain happens too. Leaving that space in front of them is important to avoiding any traffic accident.

5. The Traffic School Aficionados

It’s a shameless plug for the people who took a defensive driving course. These are the drivers who devoted their time and energy to learn how to keep the roads safe for everyone.

You can be among those chosen and make New York a safer place to drive by taking a NYS defensive driving course online.

If you don’t do it for the other drivers, do it for the foolish deer that run out in front of your car.

Those deer are so very foolish.