In the great debate of who are worse drivers, men or women, the answer may be “it depends”. It depends on who you ask and what your definition of “worse” is. Let’s take a look. recently released a survey from 1,000 drivers, and identified responses by gender. Here are some of their more interesting results:

When asked if they had ever “sped up significantly to prevent someone from passing”, 28% of men said yes while only 25% of women did. That’s one strike against the guys.

When it comes to “brake checking” someone following too close, 30% of women admitted to the procedure while only 27% of the men did. Sorry, ladies.
When it comes to tailgating someone for driving too slowly, it would appear women do it more often. The survey said 21% of females tailgated, with only 16% of men filling the mirrors of the driver in front of them.

Men would certainly be the first to give another driver the middle finger salute though, wouldn’t they? Not so fast…31% of women said yes, while only 27% of men said they had.

What about stealing a parking spot someone else was waiting for? The men win this category 13% to 9%.

When it comes to using the horn to prod someone driving too slowly, men were more aggressive here too, with 43% agreeing they had done this. Only 39% of women admitted to this practice.

So, who would be more likely to ding another’s car in a parking lot and drive off? Turns out 8% from both sides said yes. So THAT’S where all those marks come from.

So what do the real statistics say? It would indicate that men are more aggressive, get more tickets and are involved in more accidents. Can you say testosterone? Young men in particular are driving challenged.  More than twice as many males in the 16-19 year old age group become involved in accidents than their female counterparts.

So where is the final proof? It may come from those who make a living looking at driving statistics, those in the auto insurance industry.  Sorry guys, it’s true…women pay less than men. That can only lead us to believe that men are the worse drivers.

Either way, many insurance companies offer discounts for taking a defensive driving course.  These courses can be taken online for a nominal cost and the savings from the insurance rate reduction (5% to 15% discount) will significantly outweigh the cost of the course-and the course is available to both men and women!