Self-driving cars have been the talk of the town lately, with states like California and Arizona already approving them for use on roads in their state, and other states such as Florida, taking a serious look at the technology.

But how soon can you expect to own one? Probably not any time soon.

A recent study showed that while the technology to operate a self-driving car is ready for commercial use, and even for use for special circumstances, it is not quite ready for mass production. That means that a select few people might get one within the next few years. People with special needs, or companies which deliver cargo to predetermined locations will likely be able to use them within the next five years, but most of us will need to wait.

Even when the self-driving car technology is ready for mass production that doesn’t mean everyone will be rushing out to get one. In fact, for as many people who have expressed an interest in lounging in the backseat while the car does the driving, there are many more people who simply refuse to relinquish control of their vehicle (and their life) to a machine. They also enjoy the thrill of driving and say nothing will ever tempt them into giving up that feeling.

Whether or not you want a self-driving car, or whether or not you want to share the road with a self-driving car, it seems likely they will eventually be available to you. But it hardly seems something that you should worry about because it likely won’t happen until a generation comes along more willing to accept and embrace it.