The state of New York mandates that an approved defensive driving course result in lower insurance premiums. In the case of New York, insurance premiums are required to be lowered by 10% for three years after you take the course. Many people do take this course specifically for the lower insurance premiums.

However, there are also many people who take the course to get points taken off their license. For people who have both needs, this course is WELL WORTH your time. Even if you only need to reduce your insurance premiums, this course is very beneficial. To learn more about the New York PIRP course and when you should take it, read on.

You Can Start and Finish NYs Defensive Driving Course on the Same Date

Approved NY defensive driving courses are required by the State of New York to be at least six hours if you are taking it in a classroom and at least 5 hours and 40 minutes if you are taking it online. You do not have to do the course on one day, but the vast majority of people do. The only time requirement enforced by the NY DMV is that one must finish the course within 30 days of enrollment.

When Should I Submit Paperwork from This Defensive Driving Online Course for a New Policy?

It is very important to communicate with your personal auto insurance agent regarding defensive driving course due dates and policy payment timelines. Some companies are more lenient than others when it comes to calculating auto insurance discounts based on the date you completed a defensive driving course. If you want to make sure they are incorporating your discount among monthly or bi-annual payments then it would be very wise to speak with them a couple of months before you plan on taking the course.

You will be responsible for sending the paperwork to your insurance company. The defensive driving school will report your completion to the NY DMV. An online course is required to send the information within 30 days. Keep in mind that you still need to submit the paperwork at least two weeks before you get a new policy. For example, if you are planning on getting a new policy on January 30th, you should get your insurance agent your paperwork by January 16th at the latest.

When Should I Renew My Approved DMV Defensive Driving Course?

You should look and see when your three-year discount expires so that you know when to renew your course. For examples, if your discount expires on December 31st, you should take the course no later than December 15th and send the paperwork to your insurance provider immediately. They will have plenty of time to process the paperwork and apply your discount.

Benefits of Taking a PIRP Course Online

There are several benefits for taking a DMV course online. An online course allows you to stop and restart the course as often as you like within the comfort of your own home or the convenience of taking it while at the office. Also, some courses, such as the NY Defensive Driving course, will have a downloadable copy of the proof of completions certificate available to print once you finish and pass the course. Although many insurance companies will give you the 3-year renewal discount in exchange for this printed copy, others do not. Some require the original certificate.

Again, make sure you communicate with your agent to see what they recommend.