Life is full of accidents. Among one of the worst feelings someone could experience is the guilt when you have hit an animal on the road. With the rush of dismay bellowing to your head, you could be so flustered by the incident that you forget how to handle the situation.

So, what should you do if you hit an animal in California?

The roads are teeming with wildlife. They might not know the California traffic school rules for animal, which is to look both ways before crossing the road. Therefore, the chances of you eventually hitting an animal is high. That’s why it’s important to know how to handle the situation when you hit a large animal that could leave destructive damage. Here’s what to do if you hit an animal in California.

Stop the car and access the damage

After hitting an animal, the first thing you should do is stop the car and assess the situation. It will also provide you with a moment to calm down from taking a life and see if you have developed a thirst for more blood. When your nerves are calm, you can now exit the vehicle to check for damages on your car.

Don’t approach the animal if it’s injured

If the animal is still alive, approaching it could be dangerous. You should always err on the side of caution in these situations. That means do not approach the animal. Unless you can confirm its condition, you could risk being injured by a very angry deer, coyote, or domestic house cat. Animals are known to lash out when they’re injured… or worse, when they’re hungry.

Shower the body with roses

As part of every traditional act of hitting an animal, you must shower the body with roses. This is to ensure that the corpse will smell nice until someone else comes by to remove it. Moreover, you will feel a little bit better about having slayed a beast with your car after dousing the body with roses. Alternatively, you could use lilies, tulips, or sunflowers. Doing so is the only way you can ensure good karma for the future.

Call the police

The best thing to do when you hit an animal is to call the police. Getting a hold of the authorities will allow them to use their expertise to assist you and the animal. They will also help move the animal if it’s obstructing the roads. When in doubt, call the police out.

Partake in a ritual burial

Partaking in the ritual of burying the animal is a great way to wrap up the horrific event. Doing so will allow the beast to enter through the gates of Valhalla and find eternal peace… and clear it from the road so others won’t have to swerve around it. You will also get in a nice workout digging a six-foot hole. Everybody wins… sort of.

Remove the corpse from the road, if it’s obstructive

When it comes to large bodies obstructing the road, you should seek to move the body. The body can become a hazard for oncoming traffic and will risk creating more accidents. This can be done by calling the local authorities and informing them about the decision. Technically, the local council is responsible for moving the body of the animal. However, if you feel so inclined to move it yourself, go ahead, weirdo.