bentley butler defensive driving

Popular media depicts the future of civilization as a utopia providing an online defensive driving course, self-driving cars, advanced computers, and robotic butlers. This kind of technology is too far into the future to be real. Not for Bentley, though.

Bentley Motors is harboring our inevitable, future utopia with their latest concept vehicle. Not only are they making their concept car fully autonomous, but they’re committing to the idea of putting a literal holographic, virtual butler in your car.

The self-driving vehicle is so luxurious, they had to categorize it in the niche group of “ultra-luxury.” The car was scheduled to be released sometime in the next… 20-or-so-years – and that was 2-years ago. By then, we could purchase other car models similar to the Bentley butler concept. The release date is distant, just like the fictional future utopias you see in popular film and television.

Since the release date was announced, there has been little to no information regarding the development process of the vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get the hype train started early! Below are other mind-boggling features the Bentley Butler car will offer you. This list should hold you over for the next 18-years.

Voice Command

The voice command system will work in tandem with the Bentley Butler. The navigational directions provided to the butler will be given via voice commands. Bentley Design Director, Stefan Sielaff stated, “People don’t like the idea of just talking to a hidden microphone, we are thinking of how to personalize the next generation communication.” Therefore, buyers should be expecting a personal relationship with their very own holographic, virtual butler.

Display Screens Built into the Wood

As an attempt to blur the lines of your personal car with a futuristic spacecraft, Bentley designs show the concept to have thin display screens built into the wood paneling of the car. These screens are .05mm thick, high resolution, and bendable. That’s right! You can bend the display screens.

Fully Autonomous

Bentley Motors is committing to the idea of the self-driving vehicle. They’re sticking to it so much, they left the steering wheel and brake pedals out of the concept design. The vehicle will be fully autonomous and driven by your very own holographic, virtual butler.

A Complete Private Sphere

Bentley believes luxury involves privacy. Therefore, they’re creating a complete private sphere where the passengers can tune out the rest of the world during their commute. The private sphere will provide the feeling of having your own chauffeur while you relax in the back seat.

Two Comfortable Sofas

To add to the private sphere of the Bentley, they are including two large, comfortable sofas for the ultimate relaxation experience. You read that right. This Bentley Butler concept is providing sofas for your drive. Bentley’s goal is to put 4-wheels on your living room.

Virtual Companion to the Virtual Butler

Whether it’s Siri, Alexa, or Cortana, most people have their very own virtual companion in their pocket or home. Therefore, if your holographic, virtual butler will be driving you around, they’re going to need their very own virtual companion. The virtual companion would help navigate the virtual butler, when communicating with other self-driving cars. Pretty soon, they’ll replace the passengers with virtual people.

Leather or Stone Options

Finally, to target their vegan audiences, Bentley is equipping their vehicles with stone options as a supplement for leather interiors. Sielaff mentioned that, “Bentley intends to offer stone as an interior option in the near future as well as ‘protein leathers and textiles that will appeal to those with a vegan lifestyle.’” Bentley is showing they go above and beyond what is expected of them to bring the idea of “ultra-luxury” to everyone.