Are you planning to relocate and looking for a nice community? Perhaps you are raising a family? Or, maybe, you are a hi-tech worker with their own lucrative startup company. If so, you probably want to look at Clifton Park, NY. This residential suburb in upstate New York has a lot to offer.

Now, do not make the mistake of many wannabe transplants. They somehow have the idea that the town is within the Greater New York City metro area. Sorry, that is just wrong. If you are wondering what county Clifton Park, NY is in, the wait is over. The town sits in the southern portion of Saratoga County, about 12-miles north of the capital, Albany.


About 40,000, residents call Clifton Park home. These households enjoy a relatively high income when compared to the rest of the national. At $83,000, the average income makes the suburb one of the more so-after locales in the state. Less than three percent of the population lives below the poverty line.


In general, Clifton Park is not as diverse as many would like. Almost everyone has well-paying jobs. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the friendly neighbors go out of their way to make all feel at home.

Traffic Conditions

Though having only 40,000, people, Clifton Park is a very busy place. Workers are up early each morning rushing to their jobs. Students are off to attend the award-winning local schools. As a result, the area witnesses its fair share road accidents. After all, this is New York. Officers issue a fair number of traffic citations.
Fortunately, anyone who wants to become a safe driver can take a NY defensive driving course. These days, the classes can even be done online. This option proves even more convenient because students can access the course material over the various platforms, including mobile devices.

Best of all, after course completion, drivers can have any outstanding traffic tickets erased and the state awards a mandatory 10 percent auto insurance discount for three years.


It may not be Silicon Valley, but Clifton Park sits in the heart of the New York Tech Valley. Some of the most educated and talented technology professionals call the area home.

To further facilitate growth, the town government has been buying up property. As of now, over 1000-acres has been purchased for development. The goal is to make Clifton Park the place where top hi-tech firms want to relocate.

Things to Do

Residents love spending time in the local parks watching kids play sports. There are football, hockey, soccer and lacrosse leagues, to name just a few. Not to be left out, baseball is very popular here. In fact, the Boys Babe Ruth World Series is often played right in town.

Getting There

Motorists can reach Clifton Park from New York City via Interstate-87. The three-hour drive is picturesque as the area is dotted by green spaces and Erie Canal hamlets.

The train from Manhattan takes about four and a half hours, the same as the bus.

So, where is Clifton Park?

As shown here, Clifton Park is located in a prime spot in upstate New York. Residents and visitors can easily get to Albany or Manhattan for day trips or to conduct business.

A quiet suburban community, Clifton Park is ideal for those who want to enjoy the simple life, while not forging modern amenities. Give the town a chance. You may never want to live anywhere else.